Diagnostic Facilities

The Diagnostic Laboratory, fully interfaced with computers, provides accurate information for early diagnosis of diabetes, and associated diseases affecting the heart, kidneys, eyes, feet, nervous systems, metabolism and reproductive organs.

Education and Counseling

The clinic conducts talks, workshops and camps to provide information and awareness to individuals, families, communities, schools, industrial organizations, colleges, and villages. Counseling is provided to those having problems of diabetes related disorders.

Special Counseling is provided regarding nutrition to achieve better diabetes control and preventing complications associated with diabetes.


Patients with complaints of burning sensation over feet, numbness in the feet, presence of cracks in the feet are provided counseling for food care.

Electro cardiography

Diabetic patients with long history, particularly untreated diabetes and hypertension, are checked through the fully automated three channel ECG machine the condition of the heart.

Foot Clinic

Diabetic Neuropathy is the most common but neglected complication. The foot clinic performs Biothesiometry and Doppler Tests. Biothesiometry checks the nerve sensation in the hands and the foot. Doppler tests assesses the blood flow in the arteries and veins and checks the blood pressure in both the limps, to screen for peripheral vascular Dieses, Neuropathy and infections.


Retinopathy is one of the major complications caused by Diabetes. An experienced and qualified ophthalmologist screens all patients for the early diagnosis of Diabetics Retinopathy and Glaucoma using a modern fully integrated ophthalmic unit.


Gingivitis and gum infections are very common amongst Diabetics. A Diabetologist must certify a patient’s readiness for tooth extraction. The clinic has a fully equipped Dentistry unit under a Qualified Dentist.


A Qualified and experienced Physiotherapist is available on hand to train and educate the patients about the need and importance of exercise. The physiotherapist gives and recommends appropriate exercise keeping in view the needs of the patient.